Friday, 20 January 2012

50th Birthday Cupcakes

I was pleased to be asked to make some cupcakes for one of my colleagues.
Her husband is 50 and having a party tomorrow.
We discussed the design and she asked for an edible 50 to be on each cake, this is the result.

Vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream sprinkled with edible glitter.

I created the plaque by cutting scalloped circles in fondant I had coloured pale blue.
The numbers are from a new set of cutters I bought as the ones I had were a little to big.
It's hard to get the fondant out of the shapes too as they are less than 1" high.

It's the first time I had made plaques so was fairly happy with the result. Had I more time I think I would have piped dots in the scallops with royal icing too for definition.
An alternative batch was made too with Pure Soya spread as her daughter is lactose intolerant.
These were identified with the addition of a small pink icing flower (ready-made).
I had been talking to Lynn about these and she had used Pure before, she said that it didn't rise as well as using margarine, so I added some baking powder and filled the cases higher.
A separate batch of buttercream was made with it too but as the spread is more "loose" I had to add a lot of icing sugar to thicken for piping consistancy.


Karen said...

Ooooo yummy!!

Anita said...

These look great Linda, I bet they were thrilled with them x

Lynn said...

Glad it al worked out so well. Thy look lovely. x

Linda said...

Thanks - just hope they like them :)

Sandra said...

These look sooooo yummy. Makes me wanna bake!
Sandra x