Friday, 28 October 2011

A tour of Grenada & Kissing the Monkey!

We took a half day tour of the island and saw the following sights...
This the view of Grande Anse Beach, the longest stretch of white sand on the island and home to a lot of hotels.

Port Louis bay & Fort George, St George's Bay

"San Francisco Hill" the route towards the local market in St George

Halifax Bay where Harry Belafonte filmed Island in the Sun.

Concord Falls, one of the many waterfalls on the island.
The water was freezing :)

Mount St Catherine.

The Grand Etang Lake, a volcanic crater.

A Mona Monkey

A Kiss!

Robert caught this just right, the monkey was taking a banana placed on my shoulder by our lovely guide Danny. It looks like he/she? has come in for a smooch :)

Back at the hotel, more wildlife..
The cheeky birds who steal your lunch and drink your water.

A lizard @ 6 inches

An Iguana on the beach @ 2 feet long!

Just strolled across the beach.

An adventure by sea to follow.

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Anita said...

Wow! Linda, what amazing photos and WHAT a beautiful place. How brave were you with that moneky, I would have run a mile. Can't wait to see the layouts!.xx