Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grenada Seafaris – A Thoroughly recommended trip!

Howard from Grenada Seafaris came along to our welcome meeting at the hotel to tell us about this excursion.
It sounded and looked like a fun trip so we booked for the Sunday morning.

We joined the boat on a beach just a short drive from the hotel, you side astride the seats like riding a horse but ride the waves instead J

A short thrill ride up the coast we stopped at a protected marine reserve and Albert told us about the conservation project and the history (geology) of the island, we saw black volcanic sand beaches at Mango Bay and heard and saw the results of the destruction caused by “Ivan the Terrible” the last hurricaine to hit the island.

A little further on we were invited to snorkel with Albert at Molinere bay where an artist called Jason deCaires Taylor created an underwater sculpture park.

I "borrowed" this photograph from their website as I haven't yet developed my underwater camera film.
It’s quite eerie to see statues of people on the sea bed though.  An array of fish were around and I was lucky enough to see a moray eel and a barracuda.
On the way back to the boat I swam though a swarm of jelly fish the size of golf balls which was very worrying, I felt a sting on my elbow. Howard said that it was due to the current changing and bringing them in from the ocean. The sting must have come from tendrils of a different type of jellyfish as the golf ball ones are harmless evidently.
However, it only stung for a few minutes then disappeared.

We bounced back along the coast to Port Louis which was the original French settlement. The waters in this large lagoon were perfectly still and provide perfect conditions for mooring yachts and larger vessels. This area hosts the influx of visitors for the annual sailing festival held in January of each year.

We found this building very amusing, you can see it would have been beautiful in the past but is rather run down now. Ironically it is the Ministry of Housing for the island!

Then back to the jetty for transfer back to the hotel.

A fun, exciting eco trip combining the thrill of riding the waves and being educated not lectured J
For more information see their website I would totally recommend this to anyone visiting Grenada.


Anita said...

What an incredible experience. I thought that looked quite eerie with the people underwater, but amazing at the same time. You must have some fabulous memories.x

vixen said...

wow looks like you had a fab time, you have some stunning photos love the one with you and the monkey :) The underwater sculpture park sounds amazing :)