Saturday, 15 January 2011

A-Z Photo Challenge - A is for

I have decided to try the following challenge on UKS after my abysmal failure of JYC2010 :(

About 2011 A-Z Challenge:
The idea behind this is to get out and about with your camera taking photos. Working through the alphabet fortnightly, taking photos of people, places, things, or even techniques, starting with that letter.

So, A is for Arches.

Working in central London, I have a wealth of beautiful buildings with amazing architecture, so arches was an obvious choice.
Here are some near to my office in Holborn.

And an arched brick fireplace at the Jacobean Barn in Bexley.

Modern arches too at Holborn Circus.

And I couldn't resist adding the Golden Arches.

Last but not least and certainly not an arch is Ariel, our rescue cat.

She has grown so much since we got her in October, doubled her size and seems quite content now.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great photos there, Ariel has certainly grown :) Good Luck with the challenge

Anita said...

Some lovely pics there Linda. I look forward to following what you do for each letter :). Enjoy

standing.on.her.own.two.feet said...

Lynn said...

Wonderful collection of photos of Arches Linda. Loking forward to seeing what yu do for 'B'.

liz said...

Love the idea Linda and the arches are an unusual start. Look forward to following your trip through the alphabet and also the accompanying layouts! xx