Sunday, 1 August 2010

Elephants on Parade 2010....cont...4.

Elephant 90 - Twiggie
Artist: Diane Von Furstenburg

Elephant 71 - Boodles
Artist: Boodles

Elephant 218 - The Lion King on Stage
Artist: Sacha Jafri

Elephant 43 - Sherlock Holmes
Artist: Turdsak Piromkraipak

Elephant 103 - Greetings from the Jungle
Artist: Gemma Cumming

Elephant 27 - Chinesephant
Artist: Wongpeera Winyarat

Elephant 14 - Daisies
Artist: Benjawan Sang-Gnernchai

Elephant 36 - Chestnut
Artist: Thammakit Thamboon

Elephant 35 - Bouquet
Artist: Potcharat Utamang

Elephant 128 - Cotee
Artist: Joanna Martin

Elephant 136 - Julia's Elephant
Artist: Joseph Paxton

Not sure why I only have one photograph of this one, the camera was playing up so maybe I lost others?

Elephant 180 - Boogie Woo
Artist: Nandita Chaudhuri

And finally for this section :)

I took this photograph as we were leaving Chelsea Hospital.
It shows the vast area covered by the elephants.

We then went along the Kings Road to a restaurant that Robert likes called the Mona Lisa Cafe.
It's a lovely little Italian place, good food and reasonable prices.

On the way we passed the Bluebird Restaurant and I took the following from the car of their sun canopy outside. As it was Wimbledon week they had oversized tennis balls placed there which I thought was great fun.


Anita said...

Golly Linda, those ellie picsd are fantastic...what lush colours and designs. CANNOT wait to see the whole ellie album when its done, will be spectacular. LOL at those oversized tennis balls, love em...xxxx

Lynn said...

Love the daisy ellie. This is going to be a very big album, or set of albums!