Tuesday, 27 July 2010

An Award

My friend, Anita, very kindly gave me the following award - Thanks so much Anita :)
You can see her beautiful blog here:   Anita

There are some rules I need to follow:

* Thank the person who gave it to you...... Thank You Anita

* Tell seven things about yourself...

* Pass the award of to five other bloggers who you think are fantastic......
Anita had already awarded most of my blogging friends, so here are some other blogs I regularly visit (wonderful inspiration here)

Emily; JaneJuliePaula; Zoe
Now for seven things:
1. I'm addicted to Martha Stewart punches - I know, it's serious - but great fun.
2. I recently lost my cat after 18+ years and am finding it very hard to get over.
3. I work as a Business Travel Consultant, but am afraid of flying :)
It never used to worry me but I had a very bad experience in a storm coming back from Cyprus.
4. I never act my age - more my shoe size (3) yes, I have very petite feet which are now not in proportion to my body.
5. My first wedding dress was a size 10 which had to be taken in. The alterations were soooo bad that they had to order me a new one 2 weeks before the wedding and start again! Marriage didn't last either.
6. My second wedding dress was ordered from Confetti and Lace in Lakeside. It had to be expressed from the states and altered ready for me to go back to the USA to get married in on St Pete's Beach, Florida. Robert and I will have been married 10 years this November and I've never been happier.
7. I love cooking - I just never get the time.
I used to bake gateaux of all descriptions. I have made Indian currys and even naan bread from scratch.
Just wish I had more time..................would be nice to reverse the working week and have 5 days off, two on - for the same salary of course :)

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