Sunday, 19 June 2011

What a weekend!

Tomorrow, Monday, is my last day at my current job and I wanted to make
cupcakes to take in.
On Saturday morning I got up and started to make the cake mix when the Kenwood Chef blew up!
Yes, blew up, made a crackling noise and started chucking out thick black smoke!
Once I had unplugged it double quick and put it outside I realised that my plans had just gone out the window - well the front door to be literal.
If the truth be known, the mixer was about 35-40 years old as it belonged to my Mother originally so it has done very well really.
I had to revert to the Kenwood food processor which, although good, is not as good as the Chef and also a hand blender.
With a lot more effort and hard work, I managed to make the cakes - 45of them in total.
Then I made Lavender Shortbread too, but was not 100pc happy with the result.

Sunday came and Lynn popped round to play (scrapbooking), I was in the middle of my second attempt at Lavender shortbread at the time :)
When she had gone I set about the buttercream topping, again with the processor.
These are the resuts.....

Iced to look like roses...
Some packed for work...

with irridescent edible glitter..

and purple...(and pink - not photographed)

Some for us at home.
Once the buttercream had run out, I juiced the lemons, the rind of which was used for the shortbread, to make some glace icing.

Mmmmm, no pictures of the shortbread, shall have to take some tomorrow.
Then off to the craft room to make the following for Georgia.
She had liked the Faye Whittaker decoupage cards which I made last week but wanted three children on it as her sister has two girls and one boy.
I used two sheets of decoupage and added the boy into this image.

Below is a close up.

On a more positive note, my lovely husband has been on the internet and ordered me a new Kenwood Chef which will be delivered on Tuesday - I am a very lucky girl!


Anita said...

Those cakes look fabulous and scrumptious Linda! What a bummer about your mixer though ( glad you got a new one coming ;) ) Loving the card too, such a cute image.
Are you excited about leaving and starting afresh with your job? I didn't realise it was this early in the month, I thought it was at the end....doh! Have fun.

angelwhispers said...

My word your a domestic goddess!!! How busy have you been these look just so yummy and the shortbread sounds devine!!!

Loving the decoupage as always just so pretty! Chanelle xxxx

Lynn said...

The cakes and the card all turned out very well Linda, you did a lot of work after I left. The cakes taste great BTW. Hope all goes well at work today.